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Massachusetts Eye and Ear


Samuel and Nancy Jo Altschuler Ophthalmology Surgical Training Laboratory

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The Samuel and Nancy Jo Altschuler Ophthalmology Surgical Training Laboratory at Mass Eye and Ear features state-of-the-art surgical training equipment for Harvard Ophthalmology residents, Mass Eye and Ear fellows, and practicing surgeons. Some surgical courses are also open to trainees from other institutions.

With nine workstations—including a proctor station with advanced audio-visual controls, as well as a surgical simulator and training machines for vitrectomy and cataract surgeries, the facility is expanding training opportunities in new and exciting ways.


The laboratory offers trainees more opportunities to refine their surgical skills in a preoperative environment.

"This facility opens doors to so many new ways of teaching," says Lucy Young, MD, PhD, Director of the laboratory. "Learning not only comes from watching experts do their beautiful work, but also from watching mistakes. In the new laboratory, instructors can critique a trainee’s work on the central plasma screen. This helps prepare them for the real-life challenges in the operating room."

  • Realistic simulated surgical experience
  • Includes same equipment that is used in the operating room
  • More opportunities for trainees to practice surgeries
  • Advanced audio-visual system for group training
  • Video streaming for virtual teaching
  • Video recording capabilities
  • Fully prepped surgical tools

Attend a Training Session

Harvard Ophthalmology faculty also offer courses that are open to trainees from other institutions. These courses focus on a wide variety of surgeries, including corneal transplantation procedures (such as DMEK) and glaucoma surgery.

Host a Training Session

The Altschuler Laboratory can also be rented for training and research sessions. The space is equipped with:

    • 9 work stations with Zeiss ophthalmology microscopes
    • 2 vitrectomy machines
    • 6 phaco machines
    • EYESI® Surgical Simulator
    • Proctor station
    • Bench area for dissection

Contact the Ophthalmic Education Office at 617-573-3151 for more information.