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Massachusetts Eye and Ear

Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery

Mike Toth Head and Neck Cancer Research Center

The Mike Toth Head and Neck Cancer Research Center was established in 2019 with a goal of improving the lives of head and neck cancer patients through innovative, bold, practice-changing research. Made possible by a gift from long-time friends of Mass Eye and Ear, Michelle and Bob Atchinson, in honor of their friend, Mike Toth, our investigations are trail-blazing a path toward life-changing discoveries.

About Us

Our scientists, surgeons and surgeon-scientists are pioneering new ways to diagnose, monitor and treat head and neck cancer.

Some of our current ongoing projects include:

  • Developing liquid biopsies to screen, diagnose and monitor head and neck cancers through a blood draw
  • Identifying tissue biomarkers to understand and predict responses to immunotherapy
  • Innovating minimally invasive and robotic approaches for head and neck surgery
  • Exploring novel methods to improve the completeness of oral resections while optimally preserving functional tissue
  • Developing innovative treatment strategies to maximize benefits and limit side effects of treatments for advanced and high-risk skin cancers
  • Engineering artificial intelligence models to improve our understanding of head and neck cancer and skin cancer
  • Designing software to improve clinical management and treatment of advanced head and neck cancer and skin cancer
  • Leveraging single cell genomics and epigenetics to develop novel targeted therapies (precision medicine)
  • Developing optical imaging techniques to enhance the accuracy of tumor resections during surgery
  • Developing non-invasive optical imaging techniques for predicting responses to novel targeted treatments for head and neck cancer such as immunotherapy

Our Investigators

Our team is comprised of surgeons as well as PhD-trained scientists who are working together to combat head and neck cancer.

Leadership and Faculty

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