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Massachusetts Eye and Ear


Ophthalmic Pathology Fellowship

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The David G. Cogan Eye Pathology Laboratory offers a one- or two-year fellowship for ophthalmologists or pathologists preparing for academic careers. The combined didactics, specimens, consultations, and laboratory resources of Mass. Eye and Ear and Mass General Hospital are available to trainees.

Objectives of the program include:

    • Understand the microscopic anatomy of the eye and the ocular adnexa
    • Learn the histologic features of the responses of ocular tissues to injury and/or diseases
    • Develop skills necessary to evaluate surgical specimens with the aim of formulating differential diagnoses that include ophthalmic diseases that are common in a modern clinical practice, or that are rare, but especially important because of their life-threatening or vision-threatening potential
    • Learn the traditional and newest methods and techniques (immunohistochemical, immunoperoxidase, electron microscopic, etc.) to analyze specimens and how those methods help to distinguish a specific diagnosis among a long list of possible differential diagnoses
    • Develop research projects in the laboratory and/or based on clinicopathologic material available through the David G. Cogan Ophthalmic Pathology Laboratory, MGH Pathology Department, and community-based clinical practices affiliated with Mass. Eye and Ear and its full-time hospital-based staff


This fellowship is certified by the Association of University Professors of Ophthalmology Fellowship Compliance Committee (AUPO FCC).


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