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Massachusetts Eye and Ear


Eye Pathology


The Eye Pathology Service at Mass Eye and Ear is dedicated to the histopathologic diagnosis of ocular conditions. In addition to serving as a regional and national diagnostic center, the service is an integral part of training physicians and researchers in eye pathology.

Consult Information

The Eye Pathology Service provides consults on outside tissue samples and slides. To submit a specimen for consult, please review the instructions and forms below.

For questions, please email or call Cheryl Pratt at 617-573-3319.

Mailing Pathology Specimens

To submit slides for consultation please include the Pathology Specimen Information Sheet or a patient demographic sheet.

To submit tissue samples for processing and diagnosis please also include Pathology Requisition Form and refer to the Pathology Specimen Mailing Instructions.

Physician Contact and Billing

For all specimens (both tissue and slides), please include the name, address, and contact telephone and fax numbers of the physicians requesting the consultation. If the patient’s insurance allows for the billing of this consultation, please include the complete patient demographics; if not, please provide the billing information for your department or institution.

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