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Pediatric Ear, Hearing and Balance Center

Education and Family Support

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Our unique team of specialists includes a teacher of the deaf and a certified child life specialist. Each role is dedicated to the support of children with hearing loss. Our team assists families before, during and after visits by supplying them with resources, helping them obtain appropriate early intervention and school services and tailoring recommendations for their child’s developmental and educational needs.

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Children with hearing loss benefit from specific supports so they can better access language and aim for success. We're here to help!

As part of the Pediatric Hearing Center, our education and family support specialists will deliver resources your child needs beyond our hospital setting. Whether your child needs help feeling comfortable during a hearing test, you want to learn more about early intervention services or your child's school requires recommendations to support hearing loss, we'll do our best to provide you with the resources needed to help your child succeed.

To help your child see what it’s like to have a hearing appointment, view our Hearing Appointment Social Story. The social story is also available in Spanish and Portuguese.

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