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Tinnitus refers to the perception of sound when no external sound is present. It is commonly described as ringing or buzzing; however, it can be perceived as other noises in the ear or in the head. It may be a temporary or chronic condition.

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The Tinnitus Clinic at Mass Eye and Ear offers individualized approaches to tinnitus counseling, management and treatment. In close partnership with the Lauer Tinnitus Research Center, we also provide opportunities to participate in research studies aimed at better understanding tinnitus, with a goal to carry out clinical trials and develop life-changing cures.

Onboarding Process

You will first receive a comprehensive hearing evaluation, followed by a consultation with one of our ENT doctors (otolaryngologist). It is imperative to obtain medical clearance from a physician to rule out any ear- or hearing-related disease or disorder that may be the underlying cause of your tinnitus and that may necessitate medical attention and/or intervention. 

Your ENT doctor will determine if you need further medical attention. Once your medical clearance is obtained, our tinnitus coordinator will schedule your tinnitus counseling and management session.

Diagnosis and Treatment

As part of your tinnitus counseling and management session, we will evaluate your tinnitus symptoms prior to discussing current treatments and management options, including their potential advantages and limitations. It is important to recognize that these management procedures and treatments are not intended to cure tinnitus. Rather, they are designed to assist you in developing coping strategies to better adapt to the symptoms. Please be aware that the success of any tinnitus management approach depends on active participation.

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