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Massachusetts Eye and Ear
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Quality Measures and Outcomes

How is quality care defined and how is it measured?

Mass Eye and Ear examines a number of performance measures to assess the quality of care delivered to you while ensuring your safety and promoting a positive patient experience.

By publicly reporting our quality measures and outcomes, we are holding ourselves accountable for providing the best care for our patients as well as identifying areas for improvement. 

Mass Eye and Ear produces an annual Quality and Outcomes Book. Published since 2010, the quality and outcomes data are focused on clinical outcomes, transparency and helps our team to drive improvements. 

Additionally, more quality measures for Mass Eye and Ear can be found at the following websites:

Please note: Unlike a general hospital, Mass Eye and Ear does not receive a letter grade because of our specialty hospital status.

Quality and Outcomes Book

Quality and Outcomes is an annual clinical outcomes report published by Mass Eye and Ear. The book presents patient outcomes data representing the collective departments, centers and programs of Mass Eye and Ear.