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COVID-19 Central Airway Problems

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Overview of Problem

In the United States, there have been millions of cases of COVID-19, with many resulting in hospitalization and a percentage of these cases requiring intubation and ventilator support. Early studies suggest that approximately 20% of patients who have had intubation or tracheostomy after COVID-19 will have an abnormal laryngeal finding, including vocal fold paralysis and subglottic stenosis (airway narrowing). If not treated early, some of these problems can be permanent. Patients should seek care immediately if experiencing symptoms, and primary care physicians seeing these patients should consider referring them to otolaryngologists for immediate evaluation.

About the Team

Phillip Song, MDAfter seeing an increase in these airway problems in the clinic, a group of clinicians came together from multiple disciplines to assess how to best treat and study these COVID-related conditions.

This consortium is led by Phillip C. Song, MD (pictured), and includes members from the following hospitals:

Patient Evaluation and Treatment Options

Resources for Clinicians